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The public cloud market is opaque to suppliers and investors. It lacks transparency due to cloud providers’ intense desire to keep competitive trade secrets. Outdated survey-based data gathering methods are ineffective at providing insight. This means suppliers and investors aren’t aware of new deployments of instance types nor their locations. This significantly impacts their investment decisions.

Liftr Insights creates transparency through a unique approach. We use DevOps to enumerate internet-attached infrastructure and provide Market Intelligence as a Platform for technology investors and public cloud stakeholders.
Tab Schadt
Tab SchadtCEO
Drew Bixby
Drew BixbyHead of Operations & Product

Market Intelligence As A Platform

Liftr Insights’ Market Intelligence as a Platform is the software platform and methodology that drives our data collection and analysis. We gather intelligence about deployed internet-attached infrastructure from publicly available data using DevOps software. Our platform gives investors an advantage on their investments rather than relying on traditional data providers that are survey-based.

Our Mission

We create accurate insights based on verifiable high-resolution high-frequency data about new Internet-attached infrastructure deployments.
DevOps-Driven – We don’t do surveys. Liftr feeds models with its detailed, accurate quant via publicly available data and software automation, not with opinion and estimation.

Unique Offering – We are the first of our kind. Being the first to measure deployed services to the cloud, rather than supply chain output, makes Liftr Insights different.

Reliable Skillset – Our automated data collection and well-documented processes enable a repeatable, auditable methodology that improves over time. Our data is easy to consume and available in multiple formats.

Member of FISD

Liftr Insights is a proud member of FISD. FISD is a global forum of industry participants focused on identifying, informing, and evolving the trends that will shape the financial information industry. FISD and its members have taken particular interest in alternative data in recent years. We are proud of our role helping to advance those discussions.

We Deliver Valuable Data Science Insights

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Data Science

Liftr Insights takes a systematic approach to cloud market analysis. Our proprietary Liftr Cloud Distiller service core compares services across tracked CSPs

Independent Analysis

We are independent and unbiased. Readers and viewers rely on our integrity to make sound operational and financial decisions untainted by sales and marketing messages.

Quality Assurance

We pride ourselves on thoroughness and accuracy. We identify and correct factual errors and omissions if they make it past our QA procedures.

Stop settling for incomplete information and start feeling confident knowing you have reliable, unique data.

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