Drew Bixby


Drew Bixby

Head of Operations

Drew Bixby has lead the Operations and Product teams since the founding of Liftr Insights in 2019. His teams process the regular data outputs used by the Liftr Insights customers and analysts. These operations include the people, processes, and products integrated to generate Liftr Insights' reliable objective data.

His data team is constantly on the lookout for new data sources and steady improvements in methodologies. He guides the development team to meet the immediate needs while keeping the long-term objectives in mind. He ensures everyone understands what we build and why.

Prior to Liftr Insights, Drew worked as Head of Operations & Product for DoubleHorn. Drew has experience working in, guiding development teams using, and overseeing large organizations migrating into cloud computing services for AWS, Azure, Google, IBM Cloud, Rackspace, and Alibaba Cloud. 

Drew has worked on the front-lines of new technology and building strong internal systems and processes. Among many start-ups as a founder, partner, and mentor, Drew founded Austin Sky Technology, where he built and oversaw systems and processes processing millions of rows of sensitive K-12 student data each day.

When he isn't swimming in data charts, he's on the water doing kayak polo or kayak surfing (it's okay if you haven't heard of these sports, yet).

Drew earned an MBA from Northeastern University and his undergraduate from Colgate University.  

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