Liftr Insights Defines Hybrid Alternative Data Market

Liftr Insights Defines Hybrid Alternative Data Market

Liftr Insights products serve as a model for hybrid alternative data where neither traditional market intelligence nor alternative data will suffice

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Liftr Insights, a pioneer in hybrid alternative data, is defining the hybrid alternative data market for cloud infrastructure. Liftr Insights' hybrid alternative data products fill a data gap that neither traditional market intelligence nor alternative data can address.

Traditional Market Intelligence Is Not Enough

Traditional market intelligence firms gather data from supply chain surveys to assess specific markets. These firms employ industry analysts with specific industry expertise to try to verify survey data points and fill in supply chain gaps for specific markets. Because surveys are time and people intensive, results are delivered at a quarterly or annual pace.

However, supply chains have bypassed traditional distributors as IT and telecommunications service providers buy directly from manufacturers. For example, cloud service providers now account for over half of data center equipment purchases, which are therefore invisible to supply chain surveys.

Alternative Data Is Not Enough

Investors and hedge funds, some of the largest consumers of alternative data, seek new sources of public data that enable timely insight into company performance and potential impacts on share prices. Alternative data includes satellite and security imagery, smartphone geo-positioning, credit card use and other kinds of standardized transactional data.

"Alternative data has a tough time addressing infrastructure markets," explains Paul Teich, Principal Cloud and Semiconductor Expert at Liftr Insights. "Service providers won't divulge the transactional data investors want. That's where hybrid alternative data steps in."

Why is Hybrid Alternative Data Different?

Some investors might be able to collect or easily purchase public data like alternative data, but most do not have access to subject matter experts (SME) to collect, clean, distill and standardize industry- and company-specific proprietary data.

For example, Liftr Insights collects public data about cloud infrastructure directly from cloud service providers. However, there is no incentive for any provider to enable easy comparisons to the others. Liftr Insights uses SME guided algorithms and DevOps processes to reliably automate standardizing cloud service provider data.

"Specialized knowledge combined with automated processes enable Liftr Insights to create hybrid alternative data. This combination has differentiated our product since we started collecting public cloud data in 2018," explains Tab Schadt, CEO of Liftr Insights. "Our customers all tell us 'your data is unique'!"

About Liftr Insights

Liftr Insights, based in Austin, Texas, collects and distills data about internet-enabled infrastructure for hedge fund quants to feed into their investment models. Liftr Insights' data collection is compliant with SEC policies and currently gathers publicly available data about the top four public clouds: Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, and Google Cloud. 

Liftr Insights provides a high-level map overlay of service growth and availability for the four tracked cloud service providers at

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