Liftr Insights Increases Cadence of Data 6x Faster than Competition

Liftr Insights Increases Cadence of Data 6x Faster than Competition

Traditional market intelligence sources unable to match Liftr Insights' automated cadence

AUSTIN, Texas, Aug. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Liftr Insights, a pioneer in generating hybrid alternative data, increased their supply chain data release time from 3 times to now 6 times faster than traditional cloud market intelligence sources.

Why Investors Need This Supply Chain Data

Hedge funds and other investors use detailed information about infrastructure supply chain products, including processors and accelerators, to inform or train their investment models. Timely decisions based on fresh data drives better investment performance; investors call that performance advantage "alpha."

The Challenge

Traditional cloud market intelligence is not available until six to eight weeks after the end of each quarter. Even then, cloud service providers will not summarize their deployments for traditional market intelligence services and that information cannot be interpolated through surveys.

Increased Cadence

Liftr Insights provides transparency and insight into public cloud deployments offering through its hybrid alternative data. Leveraging its DevOps approach combined with subject matter expertise, Liftr Insights collects and standardizes tens of thousands of worldwide public cloud service offerings.

Liftr Insights had been generated its detailed data once per month for the first 15 months of its Liftr Cloud Components Tracker service. In July 2020, Liftr Insights began offering the same quality hybrid alternative data at a faster, semi-monthly pace, including data customers depend on for processor (Xeon, EPYC and Arm-based architectures) and compute accelerator (GPUs, FPGAs, TPUs and other AI chips) cloud market share insight.

"Customers love our time-series data, because it fully enumerates tracked public cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) offerings and also because of our ability to deliver that data reliably at very fast cadence," says Paul Teich, Principal Cloud and Semiconductor Expert at Liftr Insights.

Generating Alpha

From the start of a calendar quarter to its end, the Liftr Cloud Components Tracker now delivers six highly detailed time-series datasets, helping investors make timely decisions about companies like NVIDIA (NVDA), Intel (INTC), AMD (AMD), Google (GOOG) and Amazon (AMZN).

"Our heightened cadence for delivering unique and detailed data gives our hedge fund customers the edge to generate alpha," say Tab Schadt, CEO of Liftr Insights. "They like to think of Liftr Insights as their special ingredient."

About Liftr Insights

Liftr Insights, based in Austin, Texas, collects and distills data about internet-enabled infrastructure for hedge fund quants to feed into their investment models. Liftr Insights' data collection is compliant with SEC policies and currently gathers publicly available data about the top four public clouds: Amazon Web ServicesMicrosoft Azure (MSFT), Alibaba Cloud (BABA), and Google Cloud

Liftr Insights provides a high-level map overlay of service growth and availability for the four tracked cloud service providers at

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