Liftr Insights shows notable growth of Azure in 2022

Microsoft Azure shows strong Q4 growth, as shown by Liftr Insights data

While the other cloud providers demonstrated impressive growth, Liftr Insights data revealed how Microsoft broke out from the rest.

AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Liftr Insights, a pioneer in market intelligence driven by unique data, shows 2022 growth of Microsoft Azure through the lens of Liftr Insights data.

While Microsoft Azure has shown large growth during Q4 for the past 4 years, over the past two years Microsoft has broken away from the pack with large Q4 investments into new infrastructure.

"This is interesting because AWS would like to dominate Q4 with its re:Invent conference announcing their new line-up of products," says Tab Schadt, CEO of Liftr Insights. "But when it comes to actual deployments around that time for the past few years, Azure has shown its capacity to invest."

Azure broke out from the growth of the other cloud providers with a 45% increase in 2022. Only Tencent Cloud performed better in terms of percentage growth, but not with the same volume as Azure.

"The value in our data is in answering key questions: who invested, where did they invest, and what did they invest in?" says Schadt.

For example, Azure's mix of processor vendors has shifted. Over the course of 2022, AMD's share of Azure configurations has increased by 35% while Intel's share has declined by double-digits

"Along with which chip vendors they use and which regions they expand, which workload types they choose to invest in are some of the many signals our customers find in the data," says Schadt.

On this point, Azure doubled its investments in High Performance Computing instances in 2022 and more than tripled its investments in Storage Optimized instances. In comparison, its investment in General Purpose workloads increased 46% in 2022. Not a small increase, but small compared to these other workload types.

We will continue to watch as Azure grows and changes over the next year," says Schadt. "Let's see if they follow some of the patterns and trends we are seeing in our four years of data."

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