Liftr Insights joins FISD to support alternative data initiatives

Liftr Insights joins FISD | The future of alternative data

Liftr Insights officially joined FISD in September 2020 with a shared purpose of improving best practices around alternative data

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Liftr Insights, a pioneer in alternative data, has joined forces with FISD to help data producers and consumers leverage newer forms of data.

What is Alternative Data?

Alternative data is data produced for non-financial purposes but useful in predicting financial outcomes. Alternative data includes satellite and security imagery, smartphone geo-location data, credit card use and other kinds of standardized transactional data. Investment banks and hedge funds are some of the largest consumers of alternative data. These investors seek new sources of public alternative data that enable ever-faster insight into company performance and potential impacts to share prices, ahead of traditional quarterly and annual financial and research reports.

What is FISD Alternative Data Council?

FISD is a global forum of financial information industry participants focused on identifying, informing, and influencing financial data trends. FISD and its members formed the Alternative Data Council to establish best practices and standards for alternative data in the investment industry.

"Enhancing the ability of alternative data vendors to provide their data to the financial industry makes it easier for buy side firms to glean insights from the data and power investment selection," said FISD Alternative Data Council advisor, Elizabeth Pritchard.

FISD Rich History

FISD is a division of SIIA (Software & Information Industry Association) and has been servicing the Financial information industry for 30 years. Members include core financial services companies like Goldman Sachs & Co. and Morningstar and also companies who are pioneering alternative data and the next stages of financial information delivery, like Eagle Alpha, YipitData, and now, Liftr Insights, bringing its expertise in the cloud infrastructure market.

"FISD is playing a vital role orchestrating the collaboration between vendors and investment managers as they develop standards and best practices to enable the data from these new sources to flow faster and more efficiently," says Pritchard.

About Liftr Insights Joining FISD

As the demand for alternative data continues to grow, Liftr Insights can help FISD pave the way for future data producers and consumers.

"We hope to provide insight to FISD as interest in alternative data continues to grow," says Tab Schadt, CEO of Liftr Insights. "We bring years of experience and insight to the table in this new space."

"FISD is thrilled to welcome Liftr Insights to the Alternative Data Council," says Tracey Shumpert, VP of Membership and Programs, FISD.  "They join a vibrant community of best-in-class vendors and customer firms collaborating to lower costs for the benefit of investors, facilitate growth of the alternative data industry, drive adoption of alternative data in the investment process, and promote the ethical use of data."

About Liftr Insights

Liftr Insights hires subject matter experts (SMEs) to translate company-specific service provider data into actionable alternative data. For example, their semiconductor and public cloud SME translates vendor-specific data from the top public cloud service providers, such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, and Google Cloud, as well as semiconductor vendors AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, and Xilinx. Hedge funds and investment banks can easily ingest this timely, standardized and SEC compliant information into their predictive financial models.

Liftr Insights provides a high-level map overlay of service growth and availability for the four tracked cloud service providers at

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