Liftr Cloud Insights takes a data-driven approach to cloud market analysis. At the heart of our data analytics methodology is the Liftr Cloud Distiller, our proprietary service core that compares similar products across tracked cloud service providers (CSPs). Cloud Distiller enables our customized comparisons and analysis of cloud technologies, cloud services, and cloud industry trends.

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Liftr Cloud Look Ahead: Christmas Crashes, Chinese Media Mandate, and more!

Alexa and Phillips Hue Crash Christmas Day Before the holiday break, Liftr Cloud Insights predicted outages as Christmas approached, and outages there were indeed. Gift receivers wishing to set up their new Amazon Echo and Echo Dot devices, a popular Christmas gift this year, were met with connectivity issues beginning 10 A.M. Christmas Day. The…

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Liftr Cloud Look Ahead: Alibaba Focuses on Cloud, Diane Green Leaves Google, Insights from AWS re:Invent, and More!

Alibaba Focuses on Cloud Daniel Zhang, Alibaba Group’s chief executive, announced last week that the company will be restructuring its Tmall e-commerce business and upgrading its Alibaba Cloud business unit as the cloud becomes more important strategically. The restructure arrives after Alibaba’s record-breaking sales of $30.8 billion during Singles Day late last month and is the first restructure under Zhang…