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We sat down for an interview with Jennifer Aldoretta, Director of Operations at Threatcare, a leading provider of cyber defense.

Interview: Jennifer Aldoretta, Director of Operations at Threatcare

The Liftr News team sat down with Jennifer Aldoretta, Director of Operations at Threatcare based in Austin. Threatcare is a leading provider of cyber defense through its unique service that offers critical security analysis of networks through non-disruptive attack simulations. Part of what makes Threatcare an appealing choice for businesses is its ability to evaluate a…

Security concerns rise over processing chips, Google takes dive on Liftr Index over AI, federal cloud adoption gets push from White House

Cloud Round-Up: Security Flaws Discovered in Processing Chips, Google’s Liftr Index Score Drops, White House Calls for Accelerated Cloud Adoption, AWS Sets its Sights on Saudi Arabia, Microsoft Acquires Avere Start-up

It’s the first Round-Up of the year! In cloud news this week, security concerns rise over processing chips, Google takes a dive on the Liftr Index over AI snafu, federal cloud adoption gets a push from the White House, AWS eyes expansion to Saudi Arabia, and Microsoft purchases a data storage start-up to bolster Azure…

Rackspace Hosting CEO Joe Eazor says to expect things from the cloud firm in 2018, including international growth and an enhanced portfolio

Rackspace CEO on 2018: The Company will Continue Growing Internationally and Improving its Portfolio of Services

2017 was undoubtedly a busy year for Rackspace Hosting: the company went private, closed its two biggest acquisitions, opened its first office in Singapore, launched a pay-as-you-go private cloud service with HPE and hired a new CEO. Chief Executive Joe Eazor says to expect more big moves from the San Antonio- based cloud firm. In…

2017 Top 5 Cloud Takeaways: Liftr breaks down the top cloud computing stories of 2017, a year marked by mega partnerships, emerging markets and Alibaba's explosive growth

The Top 5 Cloud Takeaways of 2017

  2017 was undoubtedly a year of milestones for cloud computing. Watch the Liftr News recap of trends and takeaways from the year, including multi-vendor cloud adoption, expansion of container technology, Alibaba’s explosive growth, mega-partnership announcements, and more! Do you have any predictions for cloud in 2018? Let us know what you think at ideas@liftrnews.com.