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Oracle says it can now stop hackers from penetrating the cloud with a suite of security tools designed to thwart cyberattacks.

Oracle Believes Companies are ‘losing the Cyber War’ and Its New Software Thwarts Cloud Hacks

Oracle says it can now stop hackers from penetrating the cloud with a suite of security tools the company is touting as the only cloud-based solution designed to thwart nation-state actors and malicious cyberattacks like the one at Equifax. Chairman Larry Ellison introduced what he called a first-of-its-kind cloud-based cybersecurity defense system on Tuesday, drawing…

Analysts expect Amazon’s market share dominance to dwindle in coming years as competitors Microsoft, Google and Alibaba gain traction.

Analysts: AWS Dominates IaaS Cloud but Market Share Likely to ‘Erode’

Amazon continues crushing competition in the public cloud market, but analysts expect the tech giant’s market share dominance to steadily dwindle in the coming years as competitors such as Microsoft, Google and Alibaba keep gaining traction. Research firm Gartner concludes in a new report that the market for cloud services is growing faster than virtually…

Founded in 2012, Bitium gives companies the ability to manage access to web-based applications including Google Apps and Office 365

Google’s Latest Acquisition Aimed at Boosting Cloud Security for Enterprise Customers

Google has acquired a company that will help it better manage enterprise cloud customer implementation, a move analysts say will help the tech giant compete against Microsoft and Amazon in the cutthroat cloud market. Financial terms of the deal between Google and identity management firm Bitium were not immediately disclosed. Founded in 2012, Bitium gives…